Gin Blossoms headline major Arizona Centennial celebration

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Posted: 02/11/2012

By: Hatzel Vela

PHOENIX – Best Fest kicked off Arizona’s Centennial celebration Saturday outside the State Capitol.

Before headliners Gin Blossoms and Michelle Branch took the stage in the evening, thousands who attended got exposed to a plethora of entertainment, food and cultural experiences.

“We’re here for the Centennial,” said one woman from Glendale. “We won’t be here in another hundred years.”

She was there with her husband and another couple at the wine tasting tent.

Another couple was visiting from Southern California and decided to come out for the celebration because of the weather and entertainment.

Robin Wilson, Gin Blossoms lead singer, said there is nothing like playing in your home state. The Arizona native, who grew up in Tempe, was the last act in the night’s line-up.

“I get to come home from Long Island, NY where it’s very dreary and cold and I get to eat at all my favorite restaurants,” Wilson said.

The state has been commemorating its centennial since the beginning of the year, but the official birthday will be celebrated on Feb. 14, the day Arizona became a state.

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