Elgin School's Arizona CENTennial Penny Drive

Posted on by az100
Submitted by Melissa Paul
Tuesday, March 1st, 11:04 am

The students at Elgin School are joining thousands of Arizona schoolchildren statewide raising pennies to clean the Arizona Capitol Copper Dome for the upcoming Centennial celebrations.

The Penny Drive is a children’s legacy project in conjunction with the Arizona Centennial Commission and co-sponsored by Freeport-McMoran Copper Gold Foundation and the Arizona Republic.

Our students are excited to play an important role in the 100th celebration of Arizona’s statehood. Raising pennies to clean the copper dome affords beneficial lessons about the history of our state as well as the importance of community involvement.

The penny drive will run until April 15, 2011.

The goal of the project is to raise funds for cleaning and resealing the Arizona Capitol Copper Dome. The Dome will be brought back to its shiny brilliance as it serves as the centerpiece for the State’s Centennial celebrations.

A penny jar is located in the front office for anyone who would like to help us meet our goal of 100 pennies per student.

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