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PHOENIX – The Arizona Centennial Commission is inviting tribes, counties, cities, towns, and organizations to participate in its program to help commemorate Arizona’s 100th year of statehood.

“The centennial is truly a statewide celebration, so it is the a goal of the Commission and Foundation to have all 22 tribes, 15 counties and 90 incorporated cities and towns represented with at least one officially designated Arizona Centennial Event and/or legacy project that is unique and meaningful to its community,” said Charles Jones, co-chairman of the Arizona Centennial Commission and 2012 Foundation.

To receive designation as an Official Centennial Event, the newly created or existing event must feature a special aspect of Arizona history or culture in a way that would enhance a sense of pride and connection to Arizona and local communities; include an education component; be assessable to a large number of visitors; and demonstrate collaboration.

As an official centennial event, the organization has the right to use the official logo and will be featured on the Arizona Centennial Web site and calendar of events.

The next two sanctioning deadlines are Aug. 31 and Oct. 30.

For more information about the new event sanctioning program, centennial planning and participate opportunities, visit www.Arizona100.org.

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