Quilters celebrate one piece at a time

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Posted: Wednesday, Mar 7th, 2012
BY: Elaine Grant/Staff Writer

Globe — This year’s quilt show at the Cobre Valley Center for the Arts features some wonderful examples of how the quilters are celebrating the Arizona Centennial.

The celebration quilts, housed in one of the center’s alcoves, feature some of the things people have loved about Arizona for over 100 years.

Lynn Haak has a very intricate piece composed of tiny pieces commemorating the centennial and in the center of it all hangs a real copper star. She has titled it, appropriately — “Centennial Star.”

Karen Fox has a quilt on display titled simply, “Arizona.” Her pieces are put together to form a modified Arizona flag.

Beverly Hawkins’ quilt shows pieces representing the state and through it all, runs a tiny chain of barbed wire. Her title for her work is “Barbed Wire across Arizona.”

Nancy Humphry, who wrote a book about her grandmother, once a resident of Gila County, presented a series of blocks depicting scenes from Arizona and from her grandparents’ lives. She titled the work, “Grandparents’ Arizona Life.”

Marjorie Imperatrice made a quilt called, “Collide-a-scope” mixing an assortment of Arizona Centennial fabric for the “Southwest Beauties” collection.

Jan Pederson’s creation is titled, “Arizona Squared.”

The Centennial Quilts are all being entered into a competition sponsored by the Arizona Centennial Quilt Project. Part of the competition is that the quilter must use cloth officially designated as Arizona Centennial fabric designed by Jason Yenter. The local winner, who is being chosen through popular vote, will see their quilt entered into the state competition hosted by the Arizona Quilters Hall of Fame in August.

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