Hopi Tribe Helps Arizona Celebrate 100 Years

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Oct 7, 2011

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Brittany Richardson

Thousands gathered in Prescott recently to celebrate the upcoming centennial of the state of Arizona and its 100 years of rich history. Included in that history is the Hopi Tribe, which was featured, among other Arizona tribes, in the Indian Village venue at the AZ Best Fest Centennial Celebration.

The Tribe’s display featured a replica of an authentic Hopi House complete with piki making, Hopi weaving and pottery demonstrators.

“Our team put five days and endless hours of hard work into constructing the Hopi House in the Indian Village and the positive comments and great reviews have reflected as such,” said Eric Tewa, Sr., chief revenue officer for the Hopi Tribe. “It was a great pleasure to be recognized and take part in this special event, commemorating all things Arizona.”

The Miss Hopi Royalty and Miss Hopi Committee greeted visitors to the Hopi House, while dance performances were led by Kykotsmovi Village Gov. Antone Honanie and accompanying singers. Lorencita Saufkie demonstrated piki making to guests, Ivan Polelonema showed the Hopi’s style of weaving and Dorothy Ami demonstrated Hopi/Tewa pottery making.

Supporters of the Hopi Tribe’s participation in the event include the Arizona American Indian Tourism Association, Red Pains Professional, Inc., Woodruff Construction, Hopi Credit Association, The Hopi Tribe – Office of the Vice Chairman, Hopi Telecommunications, Inc., Hopi Tribe Economic Development Corporation and Moencopi Legacy Inn.

With efforts led by the Hopi Tribal Housing Authority (HTHA) and Eddie Calnimptewa of the Moencopi Legacy Hotel, the Hopi Tribe’s AZ Best Fest Centennial Celebration Planning Team consisted of the following participants:

Amy Butler – Moencopi Legacy Hotel
Eddie Calnimptewa – Moencopi Legacy Hotel
Norman Honanie – Hopi Tribe Economic Development Corp.
Belma Navakuku – First Mesa Tours
Bonnie Secakuku – Sipaulovi Hopi Village Tours
Merwin Kooyahoema – Office of Revenue Commission
Lamar Keevama – Office of Revenue Commission
Lorene Gomez – Office of Revenue Commission
Eric Tewa, Sr. – Office of Revenue Commission

For more information on the Hopi Tribe visit www.hopi-nsn.gov.

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