Historic Steam Locomotive in Tucson to Commemorate Arizona Centennial

Posted on by az100

by Caitlin Jensen

The last of the steam locomotives will be rolling into Downtown Tucson on Saturday to commemorate Arizona’s centennial. Steam Locomotive No. 844, built in 1944, will be on display at the Southern Arizona Transportation Museum on November 12 from 8:20 a.m. until 9:15 a.m. as part of a free two-day event. Visitors are encouraged to dress in old time attire, view antique autos on display and listen to the music of the Old Brass Band welcoming Mayor Robert Walkup off the historic train.  More information is available here.

No. 844 is the last of the high-speed passenger engines ever produced for Union Pacific. It pulled well known trains like Overland Limited, Los Angeles Limited, Portland Rose and Challenger before diesel trains took over all passenger rail service. No. 844 was placed in freight service in 1957, held for special service in 1960 and overhauled in 2005 to serve as Union Pacific’s goodwill ambassador. It has run hundreds of thousands of miles across the country visiting communities and celebrating the heritage of the American railroad.

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