Governor's summit announces plans for centennial celebration

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Published: Wednesday, February 24, 2010

PHOENIX – From center stage of the historic Orpheum Theatre in downtown Phoenix, Gov. Jan Brewer this week welcomed guests to the Governor’s Centennial Summit, where they learned first-hand about plans to commemorate Arizona’s 100th anniversary of statehood. Centennial promotions and public events will begin in September 2011 and will be held through 2012.

Brewer, along with representatives of the Arizona Centennial Commission and the Arizona Historical Advisory Commission, provided information on signature state-sanctioned activities and events as well as historic legacy projects. Additionally, many community representatives were on hand to present what local projects are planned in their communities that will complement the state’s Centennial program.

The governor challenged communities to form state centennial committees to begin planning local event and programs.

“We’re really calling on the communities of Arizona to take part in this celebration because only through the dedication and hard work of everyone one involved can we rightfully honor Arizona’s past, present and future as well as our diversity of people, places and progress,” said Brewer.

Community members from across the state attended, including Arizona’s Congressional delegation, Tribal Councils, state Legislators, officials and state agency directors, county boards of supervisors, mayors and councils.

“This was a great opportunity for everyone to understand how vital community participation is to this celebration,” said Karen Churchard, executive director of the Arizona Centennial Commission.

Among the plans announced were the Arizona Centennial Copper Chopper Tour and Centennial Ride project, the Arizona Centennial Museum and the Arizona Capitol Mall Beautification project.  The Copper Chopper has been designed by Paul Yaffe, one of the most respected and well-known custom motorcycle designers in the world. The Copper Chopper will travel the state for 18 months promoting the 100th anniversary of Arizona’s statehood.

Plans for the Arizona Centennial Museum involve transforming the current Arizona Mining & Mineral Museum into a state-of-the-art interactive centennial museum that will incorporate the past, present and future of Arizona. For more information visit

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