'Centennial Witness Tree' dedicated in Scottsdale

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Posted: 04/30/2011

By: Deborah Stocks

SCOTTSDALE, AZ – Arizona is celebrating its upcoming Centennial with events around the state.

Just this week in Scottsdale, the Arizona Centennial Commission , along with Arizona Community Tree Council , dedicated the first Arizona Centennial Witness tree.

The olive tree, planted by Chaplain Winfield Scott in 1896, is located in Old Town Scottsdale on a street median on Second Street and Drinkwater Boulevard.

According to an Arizona Centennial Commission news release, the tree is one among a surviving patchwork of olive trees that Scott planted to serve as a protective windbreaker to citrus trees on the land.

A witness tree is 99 years or older and ‘saw’ the day Arizona became the 48th U.S. state, February 14, 1912.

Arizona Centennial Commission Director Karen Churchard stated, “If trees could talk. It’s fascinating to consider that there are trees among us that witnessed the day Arizona was admitted to the Union Feb. 14, 1912.”

The tree dedication also served to commemorate Arizona Arbor Day.

“We encourage all Arizonans to plant new witness trees — as a significant way to contribute to a ‘green legacy’ to be appreciated over the next 100 years,” Churchard added.

The public is invited to nominate a tree for consideration as an Arizona Centennial Witness Tree by completing a submission on the Arizona Community Tree Council website .

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