Centennial Film Festival Schedule and List of Give-Away Goodies

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Wednesday, 14 September 2011 14:37

Written by  Lynne LaMaster

Centennial Film Festival Schedule and List of Give-Away Goodies


It’s the Centennial Film Festival, an official Best Fest Event!

If you love watching films, you’re lucky to be in Prescott, Arizona. And, if you’re just visiting, well, you’ll have to make plans to come back. Because, this year the Prescott Film Festival will present not one, but two Festivals!

First up, as an official part of the Arizona Best Fest celebrations, is the Arizona Centennial Film Festival, and it’s running from Friday, September 16 through Sunday September 18. It will be held in Hendrix Auditorium, at Prescott Mile High Middle School.

To make the event even more special, the Prescott Film Festival is partnering with Tom Slaback to present an extensive collection of movie posters, one sheets and still photos from the films being screened this weekend. Between each film screening, two beautiful books about movie posters will be given away to lucky winners!

Tom will be at the theatre and in the lobby to answer any questions you may have about movie-making in Yavapai County, and hosting some of the films.

Maybe movie posters aren’t your thing? (Gasp! Why not?) No fears, between each film will also be given a ticket to the Jimmy Fortune concert at The Elks on October 2. (Even if you don’t win a freebie, you’ll want to go anyway, Jimmy Fortune was a member of The Statler Brothers for 21 years, and it should be a great concert.)

Maybe you were part of the film Junior Bonner. If so, you’ll want to come on Friday night to the screening, because there will be a drawing for a 10-ticket package to the Prescott Film Festival in November.

A $5 donation is being asked at the door for each film screening. This donation will help defray some of the costs of putting on this event, and will also help raise funds for…

…the regular Prescott Film Festival which will take place in November. (Remember, I told you there will be not one, but two film festivals this year! Hooray!) So, mark your calendars right now for November 2-6th.

In the meantime, mosey on over to Hendrix Auditorium this weekend and enjoy some great Arizona films.

How to get there: Remember, nine downtown city blocks will be closed to vehicles due to the Best Fest. So, you’ll need to park your car at either the Rodeo Grounds or Frontier Village and walk from the drop off points, which are about 5 blocks away. You can also take Marina Street to Carlton and go west on Carlton. That takes you directly into the Mile High Middle School parking lot, and you can try to find a parking spot there. (Good luck!) They are setting aside two rows of spaces for handicapped parking. And if you can’t find a parking spot, you can always drop people off, and then find a spot somewhere else.

Bonus Parking Suggestion: From Carlton, turn left onto Montezuma. Take the next right on Aubrey. There are several spots right behind Mile High Middle School there. Then you can walk through the campus to get to the Film Festival. Whether or not those will be filled up is anyone’s guess.

Long and short regarding all Best Fest activities:
Leave early, and allow plenty of time for parking and walking.

Friday September 16:

5:00PM ¡Three Amigos! (104 min): 1986; Coronado National Forest, Old Tucson; Steve Martin, Chevy Chase, Martin Short
7:15PM The Law and the Outlaw (45 min): 1913; Prescott; Tom Mix; Yavapai County film historian Tom Slaback discussion
8:45PM Junior Bonner (100 min): 1972; Prescott; Steve McQueen

Saturday September 17:

9:00 AM Angel and the Badman (100 min): 1947; Sedona, John Wayne
11:15AM Pride of the Bowery (61 min): 1940; Prescott, Leo Gorcey; Yavapai County film historian Tom Slaback discussion
1:30 PM Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure (90 min): 1989; Tempe, Mesa, Phoenix, Scottsdale; Keanu Reeves
4:00 PM 3:10 to Yuma (92 min): 1957; Texas Canyon, Triangle T Guest Ranch, Wilcox, Sedona, Old Tucson, Amerind Foundation; Glenn Ford
6:00 PM Murphy’s Romance (107 min): 1985; Florence, Tubac, Tucson; James Garner, Sally Field
Cowboy Poet Mike Dunn, (Preceding film)
8:30 PM Wanda Nevada (107 min): 1979; Peter Fonda, Brooke Shields, Henry Fonda; Prescott, Page; Gayle Gardner Discussion

Sunday September 18:

12:30PM Arizona Bound (57 min): 1941; Prescott; Buck Jones; Yavapai County film historian Tom Slaback discussion
2:15 PM Lust for Gold (90 min): 1949; Superstition Mountains; Glenn Ford
4:15 PM Ranch Album – 1987 (65 min): Yavapai County, discussion with Producer/Director Gail Steiger, and any participants from the documentary he can “round up” for the discussion
Cowboy Poet Gail Steiger (Preceding film)

Click here to download the Centennial Film Fest flier.


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