Arizona Centennial Honors Historymakers

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Sunday, 20 March 2011

The Arizona Centennial Historymakers Gala celebration honored 58 Arizona leaders, among them, The Navajo Code Talkers, Sandra Day O’Connor,Barbara Barrett,and Bruce Babbitt.The Historymakers designation was given to acknowledge their contributions.

The Arizona Centennial was celebrated by a Gala, honoring notable Arizonans.The ball was the creation of the Historical League, Inc. of the Arizona Historical Society, a Smithsonian Affiliate. Each Arizona “Historymaker” was announced, upon entering the ballroom at the Camelback Inn,accompanied by an escort.

Three elderly men, two in wheelchairs, one using a walker, stood at the entrance to the processional,with three young marines in dress uniforms as escorts. The men are the Navajo Code Talkers, Joe Kellwood, Sidney Bedoni and Keith Little. As they made their way into the ballroom, the entire room stood, in unison. It was an Arizona history moment, in 2011. More information and pictures available at

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