Arizona Centennial 2012 Foundation Advances with Plans for The Arizona Experience Museum

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Construction partners, architect and museum designer announced

Phoenix (March 11, 2011)— With Arizona’s Centennial year fast approaching, many celebratory events and centennial projects are underway, including The Arizona Experience Museum.

Last year, Governor Jan Brewer announced plans to enhance and transform the current Arizona Mining and Mineral Museum, located at 15th Avenue and Washington Street in Phoenix, into The Arizona Experience Museum, a highly interactive, technology-driven museum showcasing Arizona’s past, present and future.  Plans are on track for the museum’s renovations with completion expected by 2012, Arizona’s Centennial year.

Designed with the idea that Arizona’s past will lead us to our future, the new museum will include a new main entrance on Washington Street, new main lobby, gift shop and reception area, and orientation theatre. The renovated museum will preserve the historic essence of the building; however, a blend of interactive galleries and educational exhibits that reflect the “old” and the “new” Arizona will be added.

Arizona’s story of economic advancement has traditionally been told through the “Five C’s of our state’s industrial heritage – Copper, Cattle, Citrus, Climate and Cotton.  These industries forged the way for new frontiers and helped to create Arizona’s distinct identity as a jewel in the desert.

The Arizona Experience Museum will honor the state’s vibrant past, and will offer a look to the future with exhibits on technology, bioscience, mining, green industries, renewable energy, aerospace, sports and recreation, agribusiness and other emerging opportunities and growing industries.

For decades, the Arizona Mining and Mineral Museum has been integral to connecting school children, residents and visitors to Arizona’s diverse and dynamic mining history and beautiful mineral treasures. The rock and minerals display is one of the finest collections in the country. Moving forward, the new museum will incorporate many of those minerals in an interactive, state-of-the-art display, respecting the importance of this exhibit.

“The Arizona Experience Museum will represent our state’s rich culture, diverse heritage and early entrepreneurship that built our state,” explained Karen Churchard, executive director of the Arizona Centennial 2012 Foundation and Commission. “Arizona was built by entrepreneurs and key innovators. This new museum will showcase our past and present entrepreneurial spirit while looking to the future and the innovators that will take us there.”

Key construction partners are presently under contract with renovation set to begin this summer. Below is a list of partners ready to begin the project, including Gallagher & Associates, a world-renowned design firm with vast experience creating interactive museums.

Currently, the Arizona Historical Society manages the Arizona Mining and Mineral Museum and will continue to manage the new museum after the renovations are completed.

About the Arizona Centennial 2012 Foundation and Commission

The Arizona Centennial Commission and its non-profit Arizona Centennial 2012 Foundation is comprised of distinguished Arizonans from public and private life, and is committed to involving all Arizonans to help fulfill the Centennial vision — “to appreciate our state’s rich past, celebrate the present, and together, create a vibrant and sustainable future.”

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