Arizona Celebrates Centennial – 100 Years of Statehood

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February 14, 2012

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It was on this historic day in 1912 that President William Howard Taft signed the papers to admit Arizona Territory as the 48th State of the United States of America. Today, one hundred years later, people all over the state are celebrating a century of statehood.

The Arizona Centennial Foundation has been hard at work promoting this special date all throughout the state for the past several months. They were also a major sponsor of the Arizona Best Fest, which took place this past weekend and featured a variety of exhibits, music, food, and attractions in honor of the state’s history.

Today, a full day of festivities took place at the State Capitol Museum in downtown Phoenix. There was a sunrise dance from the Arizona American Indians, a reenactment of Governor W.P. Hunt’s walk to the Capitol, a speech from Arizona’s current governor, and the unveiling of the new Centennial Stamp by the US Post Office.

Additionally, singer Wayne Newton performed downtown and a brunch was held for Arizona’s Centenarians. There was also a variety of food and Centennial themed gifts and collectibles for sale at today’s ceremony.

On the Internet, blogs and news sites are offering their lists of Arizona’s icons. Here are a few good articles I came across:

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Here’s to another great century! Happy 100th Birthday, Arizona!

Celebrate Arizona

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