ARIZONA MILITARY AVIATION WALK OF HONOR, AZ Wing Aviation Museum, Mesa | The Arizona Wing Aviation Museum is dedicating pedestals to past and present Arizona influencers in the field of military aviation. They will be hosting a walk of honor for those who are being celebrated and honored. (January 2012)

ARIZONA’S MILITARY HISTORY 1846-1912 LIVING HISTORY & RE-ENACTMENT, Watson Lake Park, Prescott, Yavapai County| Battle reenactments of the Civil War, Indian Wars, and Spanish-American War as well as performances by period entertainers and craftsman. Entertainers include the (1885) 4th Cavalry Brass Band from Tucson and the (Civil War era) Spencer & Jackson Theatrical Troupe from Phoenix (April 30th, 2011- May 1st, 2011)

ARMED FORCES DAY PARADE, Downtown Flagstaff | The Armed Forces Day Parade in Historic Downtown Flagstaff is a celebration for all Arizona citizens and all American’s who cherish and want to learn more about the time honored traditions of the U.S. Military. (May 21st, 2011)

DAISY MOUNTAIN VETERANS PARADE, Maricopa | The Daisy Mountain Veterans Parade has a substantial connection to the Arizona Centennial through the participation of numerous historic groups. In addition to the parade there will be models of several well-known national monuments with historical connections to Arizona.  (November 12, 2011)

HISTORY OF THE SOLDIER, Camp Verde | History of the Soldier is a military time-line event paying tribute to soldiers who have served and those who continue to serve our country. Volunteers and re-enactors conduct living history presentations, along with Dutch oven cooking demonstrations and vintage baseball games. (April 9-10, 2011)

VA VETERANS DAY PARADE, Phoenix| The VA Veterans Day Parade is an annual event designed to honor our nation’s Veterans on their special day Veterans Day. The VA Veterans Day Parade will include 100 entries to mark our AZ Centennial. Entries consist of Veterans Service Organizations (such as the Veterans of Foreign Wars, the American Legion, the Disabled American Veterans etc.; novelty units such as horses, historical cars, War Dog entries; ROTC units, Color Guards, Floats, Helium Balloons, Floats and bands. There are several levels of Marshal in the parade including Celebrity Grand Marshals, Veterans Grand Marshals denoting each era of service and each branch of service, and a Business Community Grand Marshal. The Veterans Grand Marshals are designed to depict the history of Arizona’s military service, pulling from all units that are presently housed in Arizona. Tied to the parade each year is a state wide Essay Contest for students from grades 5-12 to write essays depicting the parade theme, which changes each year. The 2011 parade theme is “Veterans Our Resilient Heroes” denoting the educational component of what it means to be a military member and to highlight the impact that has on our families and citizens across the great state of Arizona. The winning essays are read to patients, staff, and the community at the Parade Reading Essay Breakfast on October 27 and the Essay Winners ride in the VA Veterans Day Parade. Along the route, there are 7-8 educational offerings as local celebrities from TV and Radio outlets gather to read the scripts assembled by the Parade Coordinator, to help educate those in attendance about our Veterans and the entities designed to honor, recognize and support them. (November 11, 2011)


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