Arizona Experience Museum

The Arizona Experience Museum will present a uniquely engaging view of our past, present and future. Being created by acclaimed museum designer Gallagher and Associates, this phenomenal new attraction will play a meaningful and lasting role in showcasing Arizona as an increasingly vibrant and relevant State.

A variety of engaging, participatory exhibits will draw visitors in, beginning with a multisensory immersive orientation theater, “Remember.” The program combines carefully choreographed sounds, music, spoken words, video, photographs, artifacts, lighting, and even scents and vibrations to take visitors on an entertaining and educational journey from Arizona’s geologic past to its post-World War II technology boom.

Soaring two-story sculptural towers mark the central “Inspire” area. At once iconic and emblematic of Arizona, they offer a memorable way to introduce visitors to the central themes of the museum—frontiers—and the manifestation of those frontiers in the state’s landscapes, people, culture, and innovation. Arizona inspires people in many different ways, and this area offers a selection of Arizonans speaking in their own words.

The Arizona Experience extends beyond the museum’s walls, too. In our hyper-connected, cloud-computing global society, visitors will be able to access information from their home or school.

In short, the name says it all. The Arizona Experience gives visitors a chance to experience Arizona in ways they never have before, from the perspectives of a wide range of people in a variety of occupations and activities. It imparts the flavor of what it means to be Arizonan, to live in this place of astonishing natural beauty and surprising contrasts. Visitors will come away with a better understanding of what makes the state tick, how far it has come and where it’s headed.

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