Arizona CENTennial Penny Drive



These are the first photos of workers atop the Capitol copper dome! 

In preparing for the cleaning of the dome it was discovered that the October 2010 hailstorm damaged it to such an extent that the whole structure had to be replaced! Luckily the historic landmark was insured so not only will the copper be shiny and new but the dome got a complete facelift too! The money raised by Arizona’s school kids has been placed in an endowment for the next cleaning. More importantly, if it weren’t for students raising pennies in the Arizona Centennial Penny Drive, we would have never known this was needed! An amazing legacy indeed! The work on the dome will be complete by early December.

On behalf of the Arizona Centennial 2012 Foundation and the Arizona CENTennial Penny Drive Committee, we offer our heartfelt thanks to every student that raised pennies for this historic children’s legacy project and to the School Centennial Ambassadors!  You are Arizona’s shining stars!

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