Arizona Ingenuity at Work: University of Arizona’s ‘Science and the Future Pavilion’

Want to be a genius?  Rub elbows with these Arizona scientists and innovators at the Science and the Future Pavilion presented by the University of Arizona.

The pavilion features the best of UA discoveries and gives visitors a chance to meet UA students and professors whose research brings national attention to Arizona.   The Pavilion offers visitors opportunity to understand how scientists explore Mars and distant asteroids, what’s coming next in biomedical breakthroughs, how to improve our environment and create a more sustainable future, and how advances in optics will change the way we see the world.



It’s All about Naturally Replenished Energy…and in Arizona it’s Solar!

This pavilion is solar – solar-powered that is.  See an entire exhibit supported by solar energy on site, presented by APS.  What’s more, see how solar energy works, and how Arizona aims to take the lead in the industry.



Natural Resources Pavilion is Glimpse of Nature, Natural Resources:  Arizona at its Best

Arizona is the most amazing state!  The Natural Resources Pavilion celebrates the diversity of Arizona’s rich regional wonders – from the scenic splendor of the Grand Canyon to the rich mineral and timber products of our mountain and high desert regions; from the distinct flora and fauna to renowned parks and year-round outdoor recreation.  Take this opportunity to experience amazing Arizona with a virtual “fly-over” of the Grand Canyon; revel in a virtual hike along the Arizona Trail.  And along the way, discover unusual plants, animals and geology.



History Pavilion

Arizona History: through the People who Lived it

The Arizona History Pavilion eschews traditional timelines and instead views the last century through the prism of the people who lived in decades past.  Take the journey inside to learn the story of the women’s suffrage movement and how Arizona women won the right to vote in 1912, the same year it became a state.




Arizona Military Pavilion

It’s World War II, and General MacArthur’s ‘ace in the hole’ during his return to the Philippines is the “Bushmasters,” an Arizona National Guard regiment.  Years prior, Teddy Roosevelt’s Rough Riders were, yes, mainly Arizonans.  The stories go on and on. And these are but two snapshots to see at the Military Pavilion at Prescott Best Fest.


Sports Pavilion

This is a new addition to the Best Fest in Phoenix. Telling the story of Arizona athletes and sports is just another key component in what makes our state so great! You can read all about our teams accomplishments and see a few legendary trophies!




 Arizona Storytellers

Everyone has their own story about our great state of Arizona and we encouraging you to tell your story! Arizona Storytellers is a special project that is doing, where you can submit your story online. Arizonans get to tell their stories in their own voices, with their own photographs and videos! You can hear some of these stories and more at the Arizona Best Fest Phoenix!



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