Team Centennial Competitor Program

The Arizona Centennial Commission wants to involve everyone in this celebration. One of the Arizona Centennial’s Signature Projects, is the “Team Centennial Competitor Program”. This program distributed Arizona Centennial iron on patches, stickers and pins to Arizona athletes and non-athletic competitors.

               Patch                                       Sticker                                              Pin


The purpose of this program is to reward those students who invest time outside of the classroom improving non-classroom educational skills and preparing to become successful Arizonans. Additionally, this program is a wonderful opportunity for students involved in extracurricular activities to show their state pride as well as provide lifelong commemorative reminder of their role in celebrating our states 100th anniversary.

The Arizona Centennial Commission worked with the Arizona Interscholastic Association to invite their member schools to participate in this program. Throughout the next school year (Fall 2011-Spring 2012), colorful Arizona Centennial patches, stickers or pins will be worn by high school and collegiate students who compete in athletic and non-athletic activities. With the AIA’s help, 258 high schools chose to participate and we already ordered and distributed distributed 106,043 patches, 23,314 stickers and 21,362 pins!

A huge THANK YOU goes out to our generous sponsor!



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