Commemorating the Centennial is about more than just throwing an unforgettable party. It’s an opportunity to appreciate our state’s rich past, celebrate the present, and, together, create a vibrant and sustainable future. One way to do this is by developing projects that have a meaningful, positive impact on our state for years to come.

From books to refurbishment of historic landmarks to tree-planting campaigns – projects are already underway throughout the state to honor the people, places and progress that are part of Arizona’s legacy.

There are two exciting categories of projects we have in the works – Signature Projects and Legacy Projects :

Signature Projects

The Arizona Centennial Commission, through its Foundation, is creating, managing and implementing several large-scale Signature Projects with statewide impact. Signature Projects range from the development of commemorative items to statewide campaigns encouraging education and volunteerism. Visit our Signature Projects page to learn more about the Arizona Centennial Commission’s endeavors.

Legacy Projects

Legacy Projects are projects generated by community members and sanctioned by the Arizona Historical Advisory Commission. These projects strive to leave a lasting legacy in honor of the Centennial and range from public art, to restoration of historic properties, to musical compositions. Learn more about Legacy Projects to see how you can leave a meaningful mark on the Centennial.


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