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The Arizona Centennial logo is trademarked and copyrighted, and its usage is restricted to officially approved projects and events, organizations and state agencies.

In addition, the logo’s exclusive rights to produce merchandise have been contracted to UA Products to raise funds for the Centennial.

Please read these guidelines carefully as well as our Color Callout.

The Arizona Centennial logo must always be professionally rendered by qualified printers, sign painters, engravers, embossers, silk screeners, and others according to our Color Callout. The logo should never appear as amateur work, except in the case of historically significant handmade items such as quilts, needlepoint, and cross stitch.


1.      Only official Arizona Centennial-approved organizations (government entities and non-profits) with official centennial civic activities authorized by Arizona Centennial may use the logo.

  • Click hereto learn how your centennial event can become an official Arizona Centennial Event
  • Click here to learn how your centennial project can become an official Arizona Centennial Project
  • For-profit companies may not use the Arizona Centennial logo unless they are approved sponsors of the centennial or approved merchandising partners.

2.      The logo may be used for brochures, posters, signs, banners, and promotional materials that promote the centennial and its activities.

3.      To avoid conflicts with Arizona Centennial’s merchandising partners, the logo may not be placed on any merchandise that will be sold or given away.

4.      The logo must be reproduced in its entirety. Incomplete portions of the logo may be not used.

5.      General circulation newspapers and public or commercial broadcasting stations are authorized to use the logo for public information and public service. Such media uses include news dissemination, public service messages about the centennial, and uses in any manner protected by the first amendment of the United States Constitution, such as editorial comment. However, permission to use the logo by the media is not intended in any manner to generate commercial revenue or to suggest endorsement of any media-sponsored centennial activity. Media may not transfer reproduction sheets of the logo to other parties without Arizona Centennial’s express permission.

If you have any questions regarding the Arizona Centennial logo, please contact Katie Sauer at or call 602.364.3697

If you have any questions regarding the Arizona Centennial logo and merchandise, please contact Steve at or call 602-568-5522.

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