Centennial Volunteer Challenge

In recognition of the important role that service and volunteer efforts have played in the development of our state and to strengthen the civic engagement of Arizona’s citizens, the Governor’s Commission on Service and Volunteerism in partnership with 3TV, has created the Arizona Centennial Volunteer Challenge designed to promote volunteerism and civic engagement leading up to Arizona’s Centennial in February 2012.

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The Centennial Volunteer Challenge will provide:

  • Opportunity to recognize the role service and volunteerism has played in the development of our great state
  • Opportunity to strengthen the civic engagement of Arizona’s citizens
  • Opportunity to promote the Centennial of Arizona as an official partner of the Arizona Centennial Commission
  • Arizona volunteer organizations with new tools and strategies to strengthen and grow volunteer programs.

Goals of the Centennial Volunteer Challenge

  • Create and implement a web-platform for a statewide campaign to promote volunteerism and the Arizona Centennial

o   The exceptional and easy-to-use web-platform is designed to aggregate volunteer information for ALL Arizona organizations that engage volunteers and for all Arizonans that volunteer.

  • Link Arizonans’ commitment to service to the state’s centennial celebration

o   Seeks the commitment from 100,000 Arizonans from across the state to volunteer 100 hours by the celebration of the Arizona Centennial in February 2012

o   Provides individuals with a state-of-the art web platform to make their pledge, track their volunteer hours and to access meaningful volunteer opportunities by zip code

  • Provide signature Day of Service volunteer opportunities
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