Witness Tree Project

On April 28, 2011 the First Arizona Centennial Witness Tree was dedicated. A witness tress is 99 or more years old and ‘saw’ the day Arizona was admitted as the 48th state of the union.

The First Witness Tree discovered is an olive tree which was planted by Chaplain Winfield Scott in 1896. This olive tree can be found in downtown Scottsdale on a street median on Second Street and Drinkwater Boulevard.

This olive tree has an interesting story. It is one among a surviving patchwork of olive trees that Chaplain Winfield Scott planted. Scott planted these trees so that they could serve as protective windbreakers to the other trees on the land.

If you want to come and see this tree, it will become a noteworthy point on the ‘Historic Old Town Scottsdale’ walking tour!

We are hoping to nominate hundreds of trees from all over Arizona to add to the number of Witness Trees! The public is invited to nominate a tree to be considered as an Arizona Centennial Witness Tree by clicking here and completing a submission form.

Each nomination requires digital photographs and accurate historical documentation for consideration. Trees must have an estimated age of more than 100 years as of February 14, 2012, and stand within the boundaries of Arizona. Nominations are due November 1, 2011.

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