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Without the beautiful tapestry of people, places and progress that have shaped Arizona, our state would just be a swath of land. The Centennial gives us the opportunity to reflect on the past, present and future of our state and chronicle these reflections for future generations. Write Arizona’s history according to you by submitting an Arizona Story today.

Can you think of a timeless Arizona Story you want to leave behind for future generations? Submit your story to us, and then we’ll publish the best stories on our website. Before you send us your content, take a look at our Arizona Stories Toolkit to see the types of stories we’re looking for.

Another way for you to submit your Arizona story is through the Arizona Republic’s project, Arizona Storytellers. Click here to learn more.

Here are the stories that have been submitted thus far:

Yarnell, Arizona: An Early Arizona Town

By: Jessica Edwards

My parents bought a house in Yarnell, AZ in 1992 as a second home for weekend getaways. I was 6 years old and would look forward to those weekends with great excitement. Yarnell is a small town 25 miles north of Wickenburg atop the Weaver Mountains. The air is fresh and cool, the wildlife struts around freely, and the streets are safe and quiet. I was extremely lucky to be able to grow up splitting my time between the city and a small mountain town…READ MORE


Cartwright’s Sonoran Ranch House honors the spirit of Arizona’s ranching days with rustic yet upscale dining.

By: Eric Flatt

Located on Saguaro Hill and overlooking Black Mountain and the Sonoran desert foothills, the restaurant’s ambience inside is as captivating as the setting outside. A hacienda style dining room, enclosed patio and private wine room boast artistic touches such as straw-packed walls, sandstone and slate accents, woodwork from local mesquite, and a fireplace in each room.

The interior recalls the original ranch house built by Jackson (Manford) Cartwright in the early 1900s. His father, Redick “Red” Jasper Cartwright, a former Union soldier in the Civil War, brought his wife and 10 children from Illinois to northern California and the….READ MORE

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