10th ANNUAL ARIZONA HISTORIC PRESERVATION CONFERENCE, Prescott | The conference was originally designed as a training session for Certified Local Governments or municipalities that participate in the historic preservation activities as dictated by the State Historic Preservation Office. The conference rotates around the state to encourage participation from rural communities as well as major metropolitan areas. The population of participants is open to anyone interested in Arizona history, historic preservation, Tribal cultural resource management, education, homeownership, and more. Attendees come from neighboring states and from as far away as British Columbia, Washington DC, Illinois, and Western Europe. The two-day event consists of workshops, informational sessions, keynote presentations by internationally-renowned authors and speakers on the subjects of historic preservation methodology, technology, archaeology, legislation, funding sources, project management, cultural resource management, adaptive reuse, sustainability, and much more. (June 13-15, 2012)

100TH ARIZONA TOWN HALL, Tucson| The 100th Arizona Town Hall will be a gathering of 135 civic, community, business and public leaders from across Arizona to spend three and a half days discussing the topic of civic engagement in Arizona. Attendees will be provided a research report in advance that will be prepared by one of Arizona’s universities and will contain both history and perspective on the subject. The actual convening of the town hall in April will involve breaking the body in 5 panels, each charged with reaching consensus in response to a series of questions and drawing conclusions and making recommendations on how to build, enhance and expand civic engagement. At the end of the session, a consensus report of all panels will be developed in plenary session. The recommendations and research will be published and available to all Arizonans and there will be community outreach sessions presented across the state. Copies of the report will also be provided to elected and public officials, community leaders and educational institutions. (April 22-25, 2012)

60TH ANNUAL REX ALLEN DAYS, Willcox |Annual celebration for Hometown Boy (Rex Allen), star of movies, television, rodeo, singer & songwriter, and the voice of Disney for more than 30 years.  Celebrated with concerts, rodeo, carnival, parade, tractor pulls, Western Legends Award, Cowboy Hall of Fame Dinner and much, much more.  (September 30- October 2, 2011)

AASC STATE CONVENTION, Glendale | In this celebration of Arizona’s 100th birthday, this event will be a mix of music, dances, and possible speakers of Governer Jan Brewer and Mayor Elaine Scruggs. There will be a huge display of 500 cupcakes colored in the form of the Arizona state flag. This event will have over 1800 attendees that will truly appreciate a celebration of the Grand Canyon State. The Cactus High School Student Council has been planning this convention since November of 2010 and is working with a plethora of vendors including; Satyr Entertainment, ADI Production Company, Lazer Wizardry, and the Cactus High School Culinary Department, just to name a few. (February 9-11, 2012)

ADORNED IN MEMORIES AND WRITTEN IN STONE, Phoenix |The title of this project, “Adorned in memories and Written in Stone”, alludes to the cultural traditions of death and remembrance common in Arizona from territorial times to the present. This project will combine contemporary examples of the altar tradition of Día de los Muertos with examples of the wealth of historical research information literally buried in our Phoenix cemeteries. For the past several years, the Phoenix Public Library has been host to a Día de los Muertos exhibit in the gallery of the Burton Barr Central Library. Contributions of altars by local artists are solicited through various traditional media outlets and through the library’s website at This year’s participants will be encouraged to create personal altars whose themes and subjects relate to Arizona’s history. Also this year, the Arizona Room of the Burton Barr Central Library will contribute its own altar highlighting the early cemeteries of Phoenix. Using library materials including books, documents, newspapers, and photographs, this exhibit will feature some of our local cemeteries in Phoenix and their residents. This display will make our cemeteries “come alive” as we reveal details about their inhabitants and their potential for future historical and genealogical research. (October 24 – November 4, 2011)

ANNUAL FUNDRAISER BRUNCH, Tucson | This year we will focus the event on the celebration of the Arizona 100th Centennial by having Mr. Jim Turner, author and renowned Arizona Historian as our guest of honor and speaker. Jim will also include a book signing of his recent book, Arizona: Celebration of the Grand Canyon State. Mr. Turner will share with the audience his stories and history that he has collected since his early beginnings in 1951 in the Old Pueblo. Mr. Turner will also share the history of art with more than 500 historic and scenic images, including 20 Maynard Dixon paintings courtesy of Dr. Mark Sublette, owner of Medicine Man Gallery that are included in his book. Our goal for the event is to be educational, informative, and philanthropical. (February 18,2012)

ARIPEX STAMP SHOW | The 54th Annual Stamp Show. The show will feature rare items of postal history from throughout Arizona. Up to 60 stamp dealer booths, stamp club information, 300 frames of competitive exhibits.  (February 24-26, 2012)

ARIZONA CENTENNIAL CONFERENCE, Pointe Hilton Tapatio Cliffs Resort, Phoenix, Maricopa | The Arizona Centennial Conference provides a unique opportunity for people to share their love and appreciation for the Grand Canyon State’s cultural and natural resources. The conference will have a variety of workshops, presentations, poster sessions, tours, and other events highlighting Arizona on Statehood day. The conference is the result of years of planning by representatives of the Arizona History Convention. Inc., Museum Association of Arizona, and the Arizona State Historic Preservation Office. For more information please visit or call Vince at (480) 227-8173.(April 18-21st 2012)

ARIZONA’S JUBILEE JAMBOREE, Phoenix | During the month of February 2012, all 17 Phoenix Public Library branches will bring to life stories that feature the amazing geography, unique plants and animals, and wonderful people of our state. To further celebrate Arizona’s Centennial, storytimes during the week of the 13th through the 18th will have a birthday theme, and families will be encouraged to participate by singing Happy Birthday to Arizona. Colorful bookmarks will be available at all library locations, and they will highlight additional children’s books which celebrate Arizona’s heritage. (February 1-29, 2012)

ARIZONA NATIONAL LIVESTOCK SHOW, Arizona State Fairgrounds, Phoenix | Established in 1948, the Arizona National Livestock Show educates the public on the importance of the livestock industry and Arizona’s diverse agriculture and ranching heritage. Interactive educational activities, Arizona Ranch Memorabilia displays, 4-H and FFA youth program members showing their livestock, and the Pioneer Stockmen’s Organization annual luncheon are features of this show. (December 28-January 1, 2011 and 2012)

ARIZONA ON THE MOVE CENTENNIAL CELEBRATION, Peoria | This event will feature a variety of displays and activities that portray events in Arizona’s history, and is dedicated to the celebration of Arizonans and their transportation, past and present. Event components include “Wheeling through the Century,” a display that looks back on the evolution of various motorized vehicles, as well as art displays, live performances, and kids activities. (October 22, 2011)

ARIZONA PIONEERS’ HOME 100TH BIRTHDAY, Prescott | The Pioneers’ Home, which opened its doors February 1, 1911, will celebrate its centennial year in 2011 with a series of educational open houses that will increase awareness of the Pioneers’ Home. Situated atop a granite promontory overlooking the City of Prescott, this continuing care retirement home, operated and funded by the State of Arizona, was built to repay longtime Arizona residents who helped pioneer and build the state.  (January 26-31, 2011 | February 1, 2011 | May and June 2011)

ARIZONA’S STRENGTH – PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE, Tucson| Commerce Bank of Arizona in partnership with El Charro Café and the Stillwell House will host a free, public exhibition highlighting the strong Mexican American heritage of Tucson as lived through generations of the Flin/Flores families.  The event, on the grounds of the historic 1901 Stillwell House – originally a boarding house for railroad workers – its adjoining gardens and casita – will feature a collection of articles about and reproductions of excerpts from the 1848 Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo – the treaty that ended the Mexican-American War and whose exhibition (partially funded by the Bank) in honor of Arizona’s centennial year of statehood recently concluded at the Arizona State Museum (ASM).  (September 22, 2011)

AZ CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION – YOU ARE THERE, RADIO THEATER SHOW, Sedona | Radio Theater style presentation re-enacting some moments, debates, personalities, humor and drama of AZ’s constitutional convention. An original show based on historical research. Audience participation. Decor of the era.  Refreshments. Radio Theater is a form of audio storytelling with minimal visual components. It depends on dialogue, music and sound effects to help the listener imagine the story. Tickets $7/adult, $4/youth, children under 6 free. (February 11, 2012)

AZCA CENTENNIAL CELEBRATIONS| The Leadership Team of Arizona’s Children Association has committed itself to hosting a series of twenty-one (21) Arizona’s Children Centennial Celebration receptions across Arizona during 2011-2012. Each reception will be two hours in length with an “open house” format. All receptions will be free and open to the public. (March 10, 2011 – May 7, 2012)

BACK TO SCHOOL DAY, Mohave Country| Join Sara “Sally” Bundy and a group of alumni students to commemorate the Arizona Centennial at the one-room Mt. Trumbull Schoolhouse. Festival events include guest speakers, cowboy poetry, music, square dancing, roping demonstrations, historic activities, vendors, and a fundraiser luncheon. (September 17, 2011)

CENTENNIAL ZOOFEST, 100 YEARS OF ARIZONA NATURAL HISTORY, Prescott | The event is “Centennial Zoofest, 100 Years of Arizona Natural History.” There will be four areas of focus: what species lived in Arizona 100 years ago that don’t live here now; what species have been introduced to Arizona that weren’t here 100 years ago; what do Arizonans need to know about living alongside wildlife; and what current, on-going conservation efforts and how people can assist in those efforts. (October 22, 2011)

CITY OF PHOENIX BACK TO SCHOOL AND HEALTH FAIR, | This is an annual back to school informational and health fair. Featuring over 50 information tables related to education, school and lifestyle for families. Free backpacks with school supplies and free haircuts for children, entertainment and an ending plenary are designed to open up discussions for the surrounding neighborhood with panel members in specialty areas such as parks services, law, health, school issues, consumer products, civic engagement and much more.. (July 16, 2011)

CONFEDERATE FLAG PRESENTATION AND PROCLAMATION, El Mirage| It is a re-nactment, of the formation of the Confederate Territory of Arizona (1861) was a key step toward the establishment of the US Territory of Arizona (1863) and eventually the State of Arizona (1912). Confederate President, Jefferson Davis, signed the bill, passed by the CSA Congress, granting the Territory of Arizona Full admission into the Confederate States, including a representative to the Confederate Congress on February 14, 1862. Official statehood for Arizona would occur on the same date 50 years later. (August 20, 2011)

DESERT VIEW: A CENTENNIAL OF ART IN PHOENIX, Phoenix | By illuminating Phoenix’s 96-year history of art collecting, the show will present an essential but little-known aspect of our state’s cultural heritage. It will feature early efforts by the Woman’s Club of Phoenix to raise money and purchase artworks for the city, and trace the arc of collecting through the 1980s when the city formed the Phoenix Arts Commission (renamed Arts and Cultur Commission) and Public Art Program. (December 16, 2011 – April 20, 2012)

EL DIA DE LOS NINOS, Phoenix| This award winning festival celebrates not only children but our rich diversity in Arizona’s history. The festival includes a celebration of literacy, cultural awareness and community engagement. (April 29, 2011)

EXHIBITION: THE BORDER PROJECT: SOUNDSCAPES, LANDSCAPESE & LIFESCAPES, Tucson | The Border Project presents sound art, music, performance, painting, sculpture, installation, video, film, and photography that examine historical and contemporary life in the U.S./Mexico borderlands region. Unique in its range of focus, the exhibition treats Arizona, USA and Sonora, Mexico as partners with shared histories, dreams and political realities. It celebrates the rich cultural heritage of this region from Spanish colonization, to Mexican independence, to the Gadsden Purchase, through today. Building on these legacies, The Border Project acknowledges the complexities of border communities that encompass narratives of Mexicans, Mexican-Americans, Asian Americans, American Indians, and Europeans. The exhibition also explores borders as artificial boundaries, and purposefully crosses them. Visitors will hear sounds, experience fronterizo narratives, and view contemporary art forms juxtaposed with historical documents, allowing for an immersive experience. The artists, most of whom are emerging and mid-career artists from Arizona and Mexico, will be appearing throughout the exhibition for public programming. Exhibition programming will be extensive – 8 events in the planning in addition to the exhibition. (November 17, 2011 – March 11, 2012)

EXPO 2012, SALT RIVER AMERICAN INDIAN COMMUNITY | In honor of the State’s 2012 Centennial, The Solanna Group –a Salt River American Indian member-owned economic development and land advisory/investment firm, will establish a 10-month long World’s Fair styled EXPO on its property at Salt River, as a 100 year birthday tribute to the people of Arizona.   Themed “Nature’s Wisdom” and “The Future,” the Fair is designed as a symbolic portal to the next 100 years and recognition of the significantly intertwined legacy of both Salt River and Arizona as innovative, industrious, and indomitable peoples.  (February 14, 2012-November 2012)

FOUNDER’S DAY FESTIVAL, Marana| Founders’ Day is a celebration of Marana’s 1977 incorporation. The event is being expanded from one day to four this year and includes a parade, carnival, live entertainment and various historical displays. (October 27-30, 2011)

FROM STORY ROCK TO STORY BOOKS, Phoenix| Exhibit featuring important pieces including Navajo Artist Shonto Begay’s eight-foot wide acrylic painting on canvas My Story Rock II and beloved children’s book author Marguerite Henry’s original manuscript and illustrations of the award winning classic Brighty of the Grand Canyon. These and other items from the historic collection will be on display in the Children’s Place at the Burton Barr Central Library to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Arizona’s Statehood. (January 1, 2012 – August 31, 2012).

HASHKNIFE PONY EXPRESS, Holbrook, Payson, Scottsdale |Every year, Arizonans gather to honor the days when mail was delivered the old fashioned way – by horse. The 54th Annual Hashknife Pony Express ceremonial trail begins in Holbrook, stops in Payson, and ends in Scottsdale, delivering first class mail along the way.  (February 7-10, 2012)

HASSAYAMPA HERITAGE DAYS, Wickenburg| This event celebrates The Nature Conservancy’s Hassayampa River Preserve’s 147 years of history from its beginning as the Frederic Brill Ranch through its evolution as the “Garden of Allah”, one of Arizona’s first dude ranches, the Lazy RC cattle ranch, and finally as a nature preserve. This event showcases the history of the people and commerce along the Hassayampa River near Wickenburg and the critical role this area played in the development of Central Arizona. (November 5 – 6, 2011)

I LOVE YOU ARIZONA, Apache Junction | An original 12 act play, setin a 1912 AZ community, which integrates the political, cultural, economic, and social facets of AZ life. The story includes romance, a love triangle, conflict and adventure, the exploits of Eastern vowboys moving west, a spirited saloon with gambling townsmen, vivacious dancing girls and a gossip, exchange of health remedies and advice. A charismatic mayor and numerous social events include an auctioning of picnic baskets, an evening at the “Oprey House” and the advent of a group of mail order brides to enliven the plot. In the end conflict and questions are resolved with the appearance of an Eastern stranger, who has come to claim a niece, the Madam’s adopted daughter. The final scene depicts the town’s celebration of Feb. 14, 1912. Throughout the play classic Western music is sung along with popular songs, saloon songs of the era, folk and religious ongs in the quilting bee. Research has supplied us with cowboy humor and expressions used at that time, which we have incorporated into the speech of the characters. (February 7-9, 2012)

IN THE DEVIL’S FRYING PAN, Cave Creek, Flagstaff, Tucson | A cast of actors of all ages will present this original play with music based on the oral histories of Arizonans from the state’s territorial period through the time of its statehood. The play will tell stories of extraordinary Arizonans from all over the state and illustrate how these disparate characters came together to form a unified state. The play will be written so that portions of it can be made available to schools. (January- August 2012)

LORI PIESTEWA NATIONAL NATIVE AMERICAN GAMES, Scottsdale |To provide a showcase for the talents and aspirations for America’s Native American athletes regardless of age or ability. It draws people from all over the country with a unique opportunity to highlight amateur sports as a part of the local amateur sports culture.

LOST DUTCHMAN DAYS, Apache Junction| This event and the opportunity for the Theodore Roosevelt re-encactor, during the Centennial Sanctioned “Roosevelt’s Ride” to speak to many and the Lost Dutchman Days event and its legacy of the Lost Dutchman Mine give many that attend the opportunity to not only be aware of events 100 years ago during construction of the Roosevelt dam but the state’s most famous legend that took place prior to statehood and still continues today. (February 24-26, 2012)

MARICOPA’S CENTENNIAL CELEBRATION WITH THE FIRST LADIES: HARVEST OUR HERITAGE, Chandler MARICOPA HISTORICAL SOCIETY PRESENTS First Ladies Coming to Maricopa Photo 1912~Celebrating Arizona’s Centennial~2012 The Maricopa Historical Society cordially invites you to come and welcome America’s First Ladies on November 19, 2011 from 2-4 p.m. at Maricopa High School’s Multi-Purpose Room (45012 W. Honeycutt Ave). These dynamic women have come from all over the country to celebrate Arizona’s Centennial and look forward to sharing some of their memories as first ladies. Wearing dresses made from Arizona and Maricopa’s fine cotton, they will speak of their moments in history and honor not only Arizona, but also its first lady, Helen Hunt. Please reserve your place for this historic afternoon of reminiscing with America’s past by calling in your reservations as soon as possible. The First Ladies will donate all proceeds of this event toward the building of Maricopa’s Museum. Limited seating – all reservations must be made in advance. The admission is $25.00 which includes music, elegant table decorations and refreshments. (November 19, 2012)

MARSHALL TRIMBLE & FRIENDS, Surprise| The program will begin with an announcer reading Surprise’s 50th Birthday poem “Ode to Those Who Came Before”, a history of Surprise in poem form. The poem will be on a big screen. Marshall Trimble will tell his tales of Arizona’s history and culture and sing his songs of Arizona’s past. A musical group will perform the Arizona Anthem along with Arizona country songs.

The announcer will commemorate Arizona’s Centennial. The Arizona flag will be displayed with the American flag. (January 9, 2012)

NATIONAL TRAIN DAY, Chandler| May 10, 1869 the Transcontinental Railroad was completed. To celebrate this great achievement and to promote riding the rails on passenger trains Amtrak started National Train Day in 2008. In 2009 the Arizona Railway Museum joined in this event. During normal operations the museum has 3 to 6 pieces of equipment open for visitors to walk through. For National Train Day the museum opens all of its equipment, approximately 30 cars, for guests to see. In the past we have offered caboose rides, entry in to our locomotives and a chance to blow the locomotive’s air horns. When available, privately owned passenger cars and cabooses stored at the museum are also open to the public. Past attendance has ranged up to 1500 persons although it is believed that the facility can handle crowds up to twice that number. (May 12, 2012)

OLD DOMINION MINE PARK DEDICATION, Globe| The Park is a state legacy project for the Centennial and this event is a dedication of the project and a “sneak peek” of the park amenities. (April 9, 2011)

OPENING THE FLOODGATES : ROOSEVELT DAM AND THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE SALT RIVER VALLEY, Phoenix| The exhibit at the Burton Barr Central Library will pay homage to the Roosevelt Dam. Roosevelt Dam is a historically significant landmark that is celebrating its own centennial during 2011. Its construction created jobs in Arizona, and was instrumental in furthering settlement by harnessing water for use in irrigation, in generating power, in ensuring water for domestic use, and for recreation.
(November 1, 2011 – January 31, 2012)

PASSAGE OF TIME: A HISTORY OF ARIZONA, Scottsdale| This event will take attendants through the period of Arizona history beginning with the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo and into the period of becoming the 48th state ending with our present day. (February 14, 2012)

PUEBLO GRANDE MUSEUM INDIAN MARKET – CENTENNIAL EXHIBITION AND SALE, Phoenix | Confirmed artists of the 2012 Pueblo Grande Museum Indian Market will be invited to create an art piece based on a theme ?A Hundred Years of History.? Artists who choose to participate will provide a written narrative describing the story behind the art as it relates to Arizona’s past century. Photographs and narratives will be posted on the market website There will be an exhibit and sell of these specially created artworks which is a kickoff to the 36th annual Indian Market. The public is invited to this event. No admission required. (December 7-9, 2011)

ROOSEVELT’S RIDE, Apache Junction |The project will feature a President Theodore Roosevelt re-enactor who will be the Grand Marshall for the annual Lost Dutchman Days Parade. He will be riding in an era-specific vehicle. After the parade he will drive to more locations on the historic Apache Trail where he will speak about the building of the road to carry materials for the construction of the Roosevelt Dam. (February 24 – 26, 2012)

SANTA RITA HIGH SCHOOL CENTENNIAL FAIR, Tucson | Santa Rita High School is hosting a celebration to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the great state of Arizona. We are planning to have one of the biggest celebrations in the city of Tucson. The events will include, but are not limited to; performing acts, carnival games/jumping castles, car shows, historical food/artifacts, local vendors/sponsors, local media outlets, Ward 4 constituents, local keynote speakers, and much more! (February 11, 2012)

SILVER SPIKE FESTIVAL, El Presidio del Tucson and Tucson & Tucson’s Historic Depot| The A two day celebration of Southern Arizona history and the drive toward Arizona statehood. The first day will focus on the territorial period and the second day on the arrival of the railroad and its influence in achieving statehood. (March 19-20, 2011)

SIX DEGREES TO JAMES H. McCLINTOCK, Phoenix| When James H. McClintock came to Phoenix in the late 1870s the city, and the territory, were in their infancy.  As a newspaperman, historian, and a major booster of the region, McClintock was acquainted with many of the famous, and notorious, individuals who developed the area.  Based on the premise of six degrees of separation, that every person is connected by six steps to another, we will attempt to rebuild McClintock’s social network using his research and correspondence files.  Join us at the Burton Barr Central Library and find out “who was who” in the early Phoenix. (February 1 – April 30, 2012)

SOUTHWEST AMBULANCE ARIZONA CELEBRATION OF FREEDOM, Mesa| A two-day celebration of America’s freedom and independence culminating with a spectacular show and  salute to America as well as celebrating Arizona’s 100th birthday. There will be special readings and stories about the founding of the great state of Arizona.   (July 1-2, 2011)

STAMPING THROUGH ARIZONA, Show Low | This is a youth educational program that chronicles the history of Arizona from the early 1400?s to the present. The emphasis being on the 1800-1900?s when Arizona was a territory and fledgling state. (June 7, 2011 – July 31, 2012)

STATEHOOD DAYS, Phoenix | Pioneer Village has the Original Log Cabin where Senator ashurst, our first Senator was born and raised We have the Original Opera House from Prescott moved here brick by brick and we hold dinner theatre and plays inside. We have the Original One Room School house moved here from Gordons Canyon where we will have school teachers inside. A working Blacksmith Shop doing demonstrations throughout the day .A church where we have Weddings along with over a mile of new sidewalks throughout the village for wheelchairs and strollers. Re-enactors will be roaming the town and doing demonstrations inside the buildings, Dutch oven cooking, and gunfighter entertainment, along with Gun Safety talks trolley rides will be going on through the entire village, along with farm animals that can be viewed from their pens On the 14th we will have our Grand Celebration (February 9, 2012)

THE MAKING OF AMERICA: OUR WAY, Eagar| During the 4th of July weekend patriotic citizens will have an opportunity to understand the Constitution and hear how Arizona became the 48th state. (July 2-4, 2011)

THE SOUNDS OF STATEHOOD, Tempe| The Sounds of Statehood is a musical story which portrays the history of Arizona from about 1870 to February 14, 1912, culminating with statehood. Using two fictional characters, Mariquita Hernandez and Captain Jesse Wrightson, The Sounds of Statehood depicts the lives of actual, true-to life town founders, such as Judge Charles Hayden and his wife Sallie Hayden of the Hayden Flour Mill in Tempe. Historical events and prominent Arizona pioneers are also brought to life on stage, from areas such as; Flagstaff, The Grand Canyon, Prescott, Jerome, Pinedale and Tucson. (February 14, 2012 – March 3, 2012)

TRAVELING THE COWBOY TRAIL: 100 YEARS OF ARIZONA TALES, Flagstaff | Cowboy entertainers will play music, tell stories and read cowboy poetry in celebration of Arizona and the centennial. Tony Norris is a veteran of the cowboy music and poetry festivals. He has appeared on the stages of the National cowboy Poetry Gathering in Elko, Nevada, The Lincoln County Cowboy Symposium in Ruidoso, New Mexico and The Arizona Cowboy Poetry Gathering in Prescott, Arizona. (February 12, 2012)

TREASURES OF THE RARE BOOK ROOM: THE ALFRED KNIGHT COLLECTION, Phoenix| The Burton Barr Central Library will exhibit items from the Alfred Knight Rare Book collection including illuminated manuscripts, cuneiform tablets, Shakespeare folios and great works in the history of the book. (September 19 – October 30, 2011)

VAIL PRIDE DAY 2012, Pima County Fairgrounds| Vail Pride Day is an annual event showcasing the Vail School District and Vail area community. It is highlighted by student and community organization fine arts performances, academic competitions and displays, hands-on activities and community displays. This event has the 2nd highest annual attendance at the Pima County Fairgrounds after the Pima County Fair. (February 18, 2012)

VULTURE MINE LIVING HISTORY DAY, Wickenburg| Mining is the core of Arizona’s history. Gold ore from the Vulture and other mines attracted the men and industries that led to statehood. Mining continues to be one of Arizona’s mainstay industries. This family oriented event celebrates AZ’s colorful mining history and Henry Wickenburg’s 1863 discovery of what became the fabled Vulture Gold Mine (October 22, 2011)

WHITE MOUNTAINS ROUNDUP, | An event that will be celebrating 100 years of Arizona cowboy and ranching heritage through poetry, music and fine arts. (July 15-16, 2011)

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