“I walked my neighborhood and my grandmother’s neighborhood educating people about Arizona Centennial.  Then I asked for any spare pennies they had to help polish the State Capitol dome for Arizona’s 100th birthday.”  Michael, 8th grade, Desert Mountain Shadows Middle School, Scottsdale.

Legacy 1916:
In 1916, schoolchildren from all over the state helped raise pennies to buy a silver service for the USS Arizona — when that great battleship first entered active duty. The USS Arizona, of course, is now a solemn memorial in Pearl Harbor – but her silver service is on display in the Arizona State Capitol Museum today. Schoolchildren from 1916 left us their legacy!

Legacy 2012:
The students’ dedication and enthusiasm in the collection of pennies for this historic undertaking is the reason the Dome will shine brilliantly, and proudly serve as the centerpiece for Arizona’s 100th birthday, February 14, 2012! This will be their legacy!

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