‘Villages & Towns’ Deliver Vast Cultural Experience at Best Fest

Best Fest is really a big invitation to explore Arizona: the last 100 years of its culture, food, dance, music, people and their traditions.  Visitors will discover the ways of the Old West in the Western Town presented by Discount Tire.  Take a walk through a lively Mexican Plaza in the Hispanic Village.  Enter the inner sanctum of seven Indian pueblos in the Native American Village presented by Giant.  Guests will taste, see, hear and experience a ‘day in the life’ of those who lived the last century within these cultures, in the days when Arizona was a territory and before it was named the last of the ‘lower 48.’

American Indian Village presented by Giant

Step into a living village designed by tribal elders and youth, and guests will be transported to a world with traditional ancient dwellings: the wikiup, Navajo hogan, Hopi house of stone and more. At this American Indian Village presented by Giant, visitors can experience live food demonstrations with cactus, agave and berries; hear the language of seven tribes; see the traditional music and dance of the longstanding American Indian lifestyle.  Hear the stories of the elders.


Western Town presented by Discount Tire

What’s in store in this Western Town presented by Discount Tire?  See a gunfight in action. Campfires, saloons, horses, carriages and stagecoaches set the scene and it’s one Arizonans of all ages have enjoyed for more than 100 years. Don’t miss Dolan Ellis on this town’s Western Stage, as well as Rex Allen Jr. as he sings Arizona’s state song “I love you Arizona.” A saloon will serve ‘em up cold and don’t forget the trick-roping, blacksmithing and even panning-for-gold demonstrations.  It’s all ‘how it was’ in this ole Western Town presented by Discount Tire.


Hispanic Village

Enter the presidio-style entry and see a Hispanic Village filled with food demonstrations, artists-in-action, strolling mariachis and dancers performing everything from Folklorico to Salsa, Norteño to Tejano styles – even the latest Zumba!




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