An Arizona State of Mind – The Road to 2012

Welcome to Arizona Entertainers and a wonderful group of talented singers, musicians, dancers, storytellers, speakers and more! This is the most comprehensive group of real Arizona Entertainers in one spot that you’ll find.

Arizona Entertainers is a premier booking agency featuring some of Arizona’s most well known singers, poets, bands, and speakers in the Southwest.

Our entertainers are professionals, who have traveled the world in many cases, entertaining thousands every year. They will thrill your client audiences with the essence and flavor of the Old West.

Our reputation is spreading throughout Arizona. We are the go-to organization to provide you with the best in Arizona Entertainment.

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How Will Your Community Celebrate Arizona’s Upcoming 100th Birthday?

Arizona Entertainers has put together a program to lend a hand to every community in the state as they plan their special Arizona Birthday Plans. Below will give you an idea of how you can tie any annual event to our program to celebrate in a big way for the Centennial.

The program is called, “An Arizona State of Mind – The Road to 2012.”

They offer you a choice of any of our entertainers to add to the fun of your celebration. We know there are many facets to celebrating so we have included the following suggested program ideas.

  • Educational program for your schools. They have cowboy and cowgirl poets, state historian Marshall Trimble, Arizona Singing Cowboy Gary Sprague and others who can come to local schools to share their special historical, poetry and music events.
  • Cultural Programs. Catherine the Herb Lady is developing programs to share with your community concerning what the pioneers grew and how they gardened. Programs featuring dance, music, storytelling specific to Arizona’s history.
  • Travel Arizona Program with Marty Campbell Author of “Arizona Family Field Trips”
  • Bands for events during your celebration: western, country, bluegrass, jazz, 50-60’s oldies
  • Local Talented City Officials. If any of your city officials sing, dance or play instruments we will invite them to join us on stage at one of the scheduled events
  • Hispanic Music and culture – Mariachi and Flamenco
  • Native American dance, stories, hoop, flute, trio’s and arts and crafts programs are available.
  1. The city selects the entertainers they wish to include in your program
  2. Secure a title sponsor to support the entertainment you chose
  3. Your city can charge admission to any of our events, thus making money for the community

Our Arizona State of Mind Road Show is ready to begin the trip to 2012. Seven cities are already talking about their plans. Don’t wait to celebrate on February 14, 2012, plan early and book your date and select your entertainers from our comprehensive list before it is to late.

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