What is the Centennial, and how can I get involved?

The Centennial is Arizona’s 100th birthday, which takes place on February 14, 2012. The goal of the Arizona Centennial is to inspire all Arizonans to appreciate and celebrate our state’s rich past, celebrate the present, and, together, create a vibrant and sustainable future. A great way for communities, organizations and individuals to get involved in the Centennial is by putting on an Official Centennial Event or Legacy Project within their community.

What are Centennial Events and Projects?

Arizona’s centennial is being celebrated primarily through the execution of special events and projects that honor our state in both a fun and meaningful ways. The Centennial Commission has put together an ambitious list of special events and projects going on throughout the state to commemorate the centennial. For a full list of these activities, visit our Signature Events or Signature Projects pages.

When will Centennial Events begin?

Centennial Events are already underway and will continue to be held through December 2012. For a list of Centennial Events view the Calendar of Events.

Are Centennial Events Free?

Many Centennial Events are free. For information on prices, visit our Events page.

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