Arizona Historical Advisory Commission

The Arizona Historical Advisory Commission (AHAC) is organized under A.R.S. § 41-1352 and further supported by Laws 2005, Ch. 1, § 3 (as amended by Laws 2006, Ch. 350 § 4, Laws 2007, Ch. 78 § 1, and Laws 2008, Ch. 243 § 1) and Governor Executive Order 2008-15. AHAC was given specific responsibilities to create awareness and promote observance of Arizona’s Centennial at the local and state level under Laws 2005, Senate Bill 1065 (Chapter 1).

The Commission consists of not less than 10 but not more than 20 members appointed by the Director of the Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records (ASLAPR). AHAC is carrying out its mission of commemorating Arizona’s Centennial primarily through the designation of Arizona Centennial Legacy Projects.

Commission members include experts in the fields of:

  • historic preservation
  • history
  • arts and culture
  • architecture and archaeology
  • professional libraries and archives
  • persons associated with the interpretation, research, writing, preservation or teaching of the state’s heritage

Also included on the commission are the directors of the

  • Arizona Historical Society
  • Arizona State Museum
  • Arizona State Parks Board, and
  • State Historic Preservation Officer
  • Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records

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